Vintage Vanity Fair!

All vinties know that Vanity Fair is very sought after because of it’s quality and style. I have a Vanity Fair nightgown I am still wearing after 25 years and you would never know it. They never wear out! I found some beautiful Vanity Fair nightgowns and slips at an estate sale recently. I am in the process of listing them in my Etsy and Artfire stores. Here are some sneak peeks……


The 70s Revival!

According to the fashion gurus we are experiencing a 70s revival – look for bohemian influences and bright colors. Here are some authentic 70s clothes from my Etsy store. Use today’s accessories and create a unique look…..

Estate Sale treasures!

I got up early this morning after reading about an estate sale in Craigslist – I drove over an hour to Charlotte for it. We don’t have very many in my town so they are definitely worth driving for. I was so lucky! I was the first to arrive in the closet where all the clothes were – I piled them up so high I could hardly walk out of the room! Even though I almost got a ticket and got yelled at for parking a little bit on a neighbor’s yard (two feet – yikes! you would have thought I’d killed her dog!) it was so worth it! I can’t wait to start listing these in my Etsy store…….Here’s a sneak peek.