Vintage Market Team SALE!

I am a member of the Etsy team Vintage Market Team. The team is having a great pre-holiday sale from Nov. 11 – 22. Go to, on the drop-down search menu click on “vintage” and then type vmteamhoho in the search box. You will see al of the team’s sale items. You can specify items as well, such as “dresses vmteamhoho”. Here are a few of my sale items. Be looking for a new sale after Nov. 22 with more clothing and accessories. These items are more for entertaining.

Equestrian themed handpainted juice glass

Harvest gold glass apothecary jars or cannisters

Set of Corelle tea cups Indian Summer pattern


Mystery jacket – Chanel?

I recently aquired a beautiful tweed jacket. It’s very high quality, with the fabric being woven by Linton Tweeds, Ltd. in England. The label in the blazer is from the high-end department store, Holt Renfrew, of Canada. I am told they are the Bergdorf Goodman of Canada. Anyway, the mystery comes because the buttons on the jacket have the interlocking C’s ! Also, Linton Tweeds is the company that made the fabric for Chanel. I have researched this somewhat and it is possible that this was an adaptation by Chanel for Holt Renfrew. They had agreements with other designers such as Dior to create special designs for their store label. I have contacted Chanel to check that out! Here is a picture of the jacket –