New aquisitions – and a mystery purse

I recently purchased a lot of very fine vintage clothing and accessories from a woman who had collected for years but decided she did not have time to devote to having her own store. I will be listing these items soon and will continue to for quite a while! My husband has been very supportive and is making room for this new lot, which is not an easy task!

I thought you might like to see this cool 1920s purse that I listed today. It’s a bit of a mystery….

I consulted with the Vintage Fashion Guild experts and the concensus was that the frame is from the 1920s but the bag itself looks to be an addition and not the original. The fabric is an embroidered cloth that has been beaded beautifully with multi-colored beads into roses. The fabric is fragile and is fraying in places. It is pulling away from the frame on one side near the top. The interior is lined in silk velvet and is edged with silk roses. The clasp does not totally close anymore, but does hold together. It looks like someone had a beautiful bit of upholstery fabric and they decided to bead it and make a purse out of it. It is very charming. The chain is unattached on one side and does not look original.

The purse measures 5″ across at the top and 7″ at the widest part, near the bottom.

You can see more pictures by clicking on this photo. It will take you to the listing in my Etsy shop.


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