Introducing Kelly, with Abby and Charlie


I am happy to introduce you to my niece, Kelly. Kelly has had epilepsy since she was 5 years old. About 8 years ago she adopted Abby, a standard poodle, to be an assistant to her. Abby alerts Kelly when a siezure is imminent, helps guide her to a safe place, and helps her recover. Wherever Kelly goes, Abby goes. Kelly and Abby have been a source of inspiration and education in our town. They have been able to spread the word about what dogs are capable of doing. Abby has been a loyal friend and companion to Kelly as well as a safety net. With Abby aging, Kelly felt that it was time to adopt a second dog so Abby could help train a new puppy. Not long ago Charlie entered the family. He is a “Golden Doodle”. Although still a puppy, he is very large, as you can see! He is very rambunctious and smart and well on his way to becoming a fantastic assist dog for Kelly.

I asked Kelly if she would be interested in modeling for Vintage Runway. She is so pretty and has such a fun personality I knew she would be a great model! She was hestitant until I said that it could help bring attention to the Canine Assist organization. She wants to help spread the word about the wonderful relationship assist dogs have with their owners and how invaluable they are. I am going to donate a portion of each sale to the Canine Assist organization. Be looking for that option on my blog in the near future.



3 thoughts on “Introducing Kelly, with Abby and Charlie

    • Thanks, Patty. I wish your son the best as well. If you ever want to talk with someone about how it is to have a service dog I would be happy to put you in touch with my sister-in-law and my niece.


  1. That would be nice. I think we may still be a year or so away from making the top of the waiting list. But when we get closer, I may take you up on that – I’m sure it would be helpful. Thanks.


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