Going to get the tree

Every year for the past 8 or so, our family has gone up to the NC mountains to get our Christmas tree. We always go the day after Thanksgiving. It’s about 1 1/2 hours to get there but the drive is beautiful and we stop for lunch along the way. The kids are bigger now so we don’t often get the opportunity to get squished together for a long drive like that. It’s fun to sing songs, tell jokes, listen to the radio (if we’re lucky, Car Talk is on).

We go to Sam’s Place to buy our tree. It’s in Avery County, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. They offer hay rides up the mountain where you can wander around till you find just the right tree. They are all beautiful, so it’s hard to choose. We usually come back to one of the first ones we found. After they cut it down, they haul you back down on the tractor and you get treated to hot chocolate and you can browse in the quaint country store. My kids are now in their 20s but they still look forward to this trip each year. It’s a little corny, but if you can’t get a little corny during the holidays, when can you?


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