Are you ready?

I am not ready for Thanksgiving yet! Feeling very stressed. One big thing is accomplished though – I got my mom packed, medicine refilled, makeup purchased, and suitcase in the car for her trip to Fla. She has dementia so it’s always very stressful getting things ready for a trip. My darling two older children offered to take her to the airport – SO HAPPY! It’s almost 2 hours to the Greensboro airport. Plus, you need to go in and check her in, get a gate pass and wait with her till they board. It’s a major time commitment at a very bust time. I was so grateful when they offered to go!

Now, I need to go pick up her dog and take him to a kennel, go grocery shopping and pick up the house. Tomorrow I will cook and bake – but only half of the food because my sister-in-law makes the other half and also hosts at her house – yeah!

I think a nice glass of wine is in order this evening (maybe two). Also, some nice music and the company of my family. But, for right now, gotta go!!!….


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